The second day of my Yamagata trip started by having a nice japanese breakfast at hotel. Not everyday you could have mochi as your breakfast in Japan. In hotel Mankoen in Tsuruoka they served mochi soup and sweet mochi as breakfast, I even try to pounding the mochi. Such a nice experience!

Japanese breakfast and mochi pouding. the hammer was quite heavy 


My first destination is candle painting Gallery “Togashi”. Japanese traditional candle (warosoku) was contained no animal deprived product at all, it made from vegetable fats while the wick made from Japanese traditional paper (washi). Japanese candle used in Buddhism altar which prohibit intentions of killing animals. However the candle I use today was not a traditional Japanese candle, it is a cute ball-shaped paraffin candle. But the galleries also had a traditional japanese candle if you interested. With 500 JPY you can choose a small candle to paint, there were 2 type of candle: stickcandle or a ball-shaped-candle. I choose a ball-shaped one, it can floating when you put it on water 😉 I draw a rabbit under the sakura tree on my candle.

Candle painting


Next destination was another historical visit: the Chidoukan. Chidoukan used to be the clan school which taught Confucianism. The location was not far from the wall of ruined castle. Until now the main building of Chidoukan still preserved and you can see the school schedule inside. Unfortunately all in Japanese :(. I found an old world map in a show case on the main building, can you spotted your country?



Then I go to another city in Yamagata prefecture: Sagae-shi. Sagae city famous as cherry city. With 1500 JPY per person you can join the all-you-can-eat inside cherry field. This is the first time I eat fresh cherries and it was really delicious. They had the several type of cherries I can only distinct by the color: red, orange, and black. I had a lot of fun with my friends there and we eat more than we should.

Cherry picking


Not far from the cherry tree garden is the location of cherry festival. They had an annual cherry spitting competition. Yes, you read it right: spitting competition. LOL. They give you 3 cherry and you can choose one as your “bullet”. Eat one cherry and spit the seed. they will measure how far you spit your bullet. Indeed a very unique way to enjoy your cherry. They also try to get the festival on the world records. Japan never fail to amazed me! I try to join (I spit 1.7 m) and they gave me a fan with my record written on it 😉 and a mug with their cherry mascot. I wish I had not eat too much cherries before since the food stall is super tempting..

Cherry festival and cherry seed spitting competition


and once you visit Yamagat do not forget to try the 100% pear (梨, nashi) it was super tasty!