I just learn how to properly ride a bicycle when I came to Japan and I not brave enough yet to biking to the station by myself (even it is only about 3km from my home. LOL). But then I challenge myself to go on a biking trip. So last Saturday I go on my first biking trip to michinoku park (みちのく公園). Michinoku park located in Kawasaki-machi, in between Sendai city and Yamagata city, it was 27 Km from Sendai city.

I start my trip at 7:30 am. The scenery along the way was quite enchanting and scary at the same time. Lots of forests, rivers, cliffs, and lake spotted. But I guess not much people going there by bicycle since no bicycle track nor pedestrian walks. It is not a good idea to go there if you can not ride a bicycle properly. I got cliff on my left side and full speed cars on my right side. I constantly thinking “I will die if I falling down here”. It was super scary for a beginners like me! I could not lose balance, it was also a good practice since I put my life on the line. I took 5 hours to finish going uphill and downhills there. Yayy!!

The entrance fee for adults were 410 JP and 210 JPY for child. Michinoku park divided by 10 areas: water area, flower garden, colorful area, time area, home village, plants area, play area, little kids area, relaxation area, lake side area. If you are someone who like seeing flowers, you will love it here. The most favorite place was colorful area where they planted several different flowers into a cute shape. Home village area quite popular as well, on spring there is a large field filled with yellow field mustard. The park even had the flower time table so you could decide when to visit. However since I came on the last two days of the spring flower festival lots of flowers already fallen. But it still pretty 🙂


Colorful area

Water area and home village area

Playground area

For people who don’t want to go on biking trip, you can reach the park using bus. Departing from Sendai Station bus stop number 8 towards Akiu, Kawasaki (1,060 JPY for one way trip).


Find more about the park here