Who did not know Alice in Wonderland? The story written by Carol Lewis about Alice who entering Wonderland through rabbit hole. In Tokyo they have a cafe themed on Alice in Wonderland, named Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant. Located in Shinjuku, about 3 minutes walks from Shinjuku Station East exit on the B2F level of the building. We did not plan to go there but accidentally found it after strolling around Tokyo for whole days. The door of the cafe looks catchy and I remember ever read about this cafe somewhere. Japan is quite famous for their themed cafe and now I understand the reason. Entering the cafe make you feel transported into Wonderland. The maid dressed as Alice with her signature blue dress and also White Rabbit that lured Alice to the rabbit hole when the male waiter dressed as the mad hatter (but without the red hair). To enter the cafe you need to pay 500 JPY for each person.

I like the interior of the restaurant. The outer part looks like the bushes where Alice chase the White Rabbit before entering the Rabbit hole and the inside part decorated as like the Queen of hearts kingdom. They give us a pop up book menu (also available in english, yayy!) and appetizer with ‘eat me‘ tag on it, just like the first thing Alice eat that make her grow to such tremendous size. When we came some people celebrate their birthday there and thy give you a special cake. I hope it was my birthday so I could get the cake 😦 Lol.

The waitress there was so hospitable, we take a picture with a super kawaii (cute) pose with them. And they also have lots of decorated hair piece that we used to take selfie just before we left.


P.S. find more about the Alice’s Fantasy restaurant here