Sendai City was built by Date Masamune on 1600. He obtained Tokugawa Ieyasu permition to built his aoba-jo (青葉城, aoba castle) after his attempt to attack Fukushima castle. He is a well known samurai lord, I will try to emphasize him more on my post about the castle (gomenasai!). He died in 1636 due to cancer, eventually research shown his descendant also died due to cancer (ummm… okay this might be not an interesting issue here –;)

I did not take a lot of picture here because I think the place wouldn’t be too big and my batteries was not charged properly . Turns out the place is really really big. I need to climb the tree-covered hill to the entrance. On the road side there is a tea room with a typical Japanese garden.

The Zuihoden was built for Date Masamune which is the biggest mausoleum I found there. It is said that 10 samurai committed suicide there to follow the  death of their lord and also buried there. Next to Zuihoden there is Zuihoden museum which displayed the personal belongings of the feudal lords such as their sword and helmet, as well as the accessories buried in their tomb. Unfortunately the English description on the exhibition room was not so informative. I think the contents of Japanese and English description was different, sometimes there is a full paragraph of Japanese description but only 1 English sentence. But I like that at least they have an English audio guide on the Mausoleum complex.

Another 2 building, Kansenden and Zennoden was built for the next feudal lord: Date Tadamune and Date Tsunamune. There is also another tomb for the 11th feudal lord and his wife. When you walk further the complex, there is a bird walk near the children tomb. However since I came on late autumn I found no birds and animals there.

It was quite a nice visit. The complex is about 35 minutes walk from sendai station or you can take Sendai Loople bus and get off at bus stop #4 (650 yen for 1 day pass or 260 yen for one ride of Sendai Loople bus). The entrance fee of the Mausoleum it self was 500 yen and you will get 100 yen discount if you using Loople.