Since I was little I always love going to aquarium.So when I heard about Sendai umi-no-mori I was super excited. The location is close to Sendai port, you need to take JR senseki line to Rikuzen-Takazago or Nakanosakae JR Station (200 yen for one way) and walk for about 15 minutes there.

Adult ticket will be 2100 yen for one admission and 4200 yen for a whole year admission membership. The aquarium was not so big (lol. It is big, around 9,900 square meters for 1st and 2nd floor, but smaller than what I expected) but the sea creature is not less enchanting.The unique feature of the aquarium is The Seas of the World exhibition room. They separate their collections based on the region. For me it is quite interesting spotted the differences of the sea creature on each regions. They also had a sections that reproduce Mountain, seaside villages, and river. You might spotted the Japanese fisherman clothes, including the sounds of seagulls.

There’s a group of penguin with a suspicious gaze who stayed at the exact same point for like 2 hours, they reminds me of the ‘penguin of Madagascar’. You can feed the penguin with another 300 yen admission . They will give you some fish to give to the penguins. My personal favorite animals is the jelly fish. They are so beautiful and mesmerized. I stare at them for more than 15 minutes.

There is souvenir store just outside the display room. I bought a jelly fish bathing lamp for 800 yen there. It was so cute and it will automatically turned on and off when I used it on the bath tub.