Yamadera (山寺) is a home for a beautiful temple located on top of a mountain in Yamagata perfecture. It is well known for its beauty scenery especially on autumn and winter season. You have to climbed thousands of stairs to reach the top and the scenery really is breath taking. Totally worth to sacrifice my sleeping time and cramp my legs.

The rocks on the temple (Risshaku-ji) believed to be a boundaries between our world and the next. The first gate (1015 steps as written there) is San-mon gate. You will find lots of enchanting big tree on the first gate. The second gate is Nio-mon gate, will split in two way: Oku-no-in and Godaido. Godaido is wood pavilion pinned on top of a cliff, sightseeing from there is totally recommended.

Along the climbing stairs you will find lots of small statue of buddhism dressed in red cloth. And top of the temple you can get omikuji (おみくじ) or japanese fortune telling paper. My friend told me if you get a good one then you should keep it and if you get a bad one you need to tie it on the rope or wood on the temple. I got one but I can’t understand anything written there since all in Kanji.

Near the temple complex you will find lot of konyaku seller (100 yen for 1 stick of konyaku). It is just perfect since you will get hungry after climbing the stairs. From sendai (where I live) you can reach Yamadera temple complex using JR train (Senzan line to Yamagata) and get off at Yamadera station. The ticket price will be 840 yen on way. The temple complex is about 5 min walk from the station.