One of my 2014 new years resolution was to study abroad. It is one year behind but I guess I can still checked it on my resolution. I came here by the end of 2015 to pursue my master degree on Physics. I am supported by MEXT scholarship program from Japanese government. Since I came here I got of question regarding International program on Japan and how to apply. I will try to share my process when applying as a master student.

If you try to get a full scholarship to Japan, it will take time about 1 year prior to your depart. I got lot of question from people who want to immediately depart. If you want it to be quickly please be prepared to start as a non-supported student then you can apply for a scholarship once you’re here next semester.

I applying Tohoku University International Program (IGPAS) by the end of 2014, to summarize the selection program:

  • first, Online registration on IGPAS website, usually by the end of September/early October
  • Administration selection. You need to send the hard copy of your application form, CV, 2 recommendation letter, and supported document.
  • Find your supervisor candidate, you can find the list of professors and their research program in Tohoku University website then contacted the one you are interest with.
  • Writing Examination, you will have to do 3 days online examination and the subject will be depends on your department
  • Skype Interview with your supervisor candidate. The interview topic will be really different from one to another and I can say it is really depend on how lucky you are 😉 When doing interview please find a reliable internet connection (as we know Indonesia internet connection is sucks) and a proper location to talking and writing. I have a bad experience on my interview since I was doing it in coffee bean using my smart phone 😦
  • Finished. You just need to wait for the selection result. The examination covered as scholarship test as well. And if you did get accepted as a student but did not get the scholarship please contact and discuss it with your supervisor. He/She might know another financial support you could applied for and give you some advise. At first I didn’t get the scholarship and discussed with my supervisor, He give some good solutions but then one scholarship candidate rejected the offer and it will be given to me. Yayy! Lucky me 🙂

IGPAS is an international program for Graduate School of Science only. But don’t worry Tohoku University has lot of international program in another faculty. Almost all program covered on Tohoku University official website here

If you have further question, do not hesitate to ask me.